All 21 episodes of esports reality show ‘Gamerz’ now available

10 players, 2 teams, and 21 days to score a contract – that’s right, it’s the world’s first esports reality show.

Gamerz concluded their debut season last weekend, heralding the start of a new Scandinavian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional team. Combining a near-daily livestream with a more structured TV show format, it managed to pull in over 2 million views during the three-week run. For their efforts, the winning team will receive coaching and management for the next six months.

The ten young contestants were selected from a much larger pool of applicants, representing Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. They then had to stay in a gaming house outfitted with 26 cameras, training under the wings of retired Counter-Strike pros Oskar “ins” Holm and Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed. As with any reality show, an assortment of physical challenges and heart-to-heart moments with the camera rounded up the experience.

Gamerz’s target audience certainly leans towards fans of reality TV, although it did feature a unique segment where viewers could challenge – and even take over for – the participants.

Gamingzone Entertainment are already looking to take their show global. CEO Fredrik Ivansson said in a news release that they are currently “in the middle of discussions with partners and distributors for this autumn’s European version.” Sign-ups are already open on the official website, including ones for other regions such as the US and Asia.

We’ve embedded the first episode below. It’s worth noting that things do manage to improve as the season goes on.

Source / Lead Image: Gamingzone Entertainment

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