World of Tanks: TAM Open Season Finals Summary

image3Round 1, Himmelsdorf, 19.15hrs (UTC+7) – The first match commences.
UAD deploys an IS-3 and a KV-5 to provide cover for 2 of their AMX50 100 which are taking the lead in the front, coupled with a WZ-132 for added mobility. NE sets out into battle with an IS-3 and T32 to back up their 3 T69 tanks.

UAD predicts that NE will try to adopt an offensive strategy via a rush on line 3, so they chose to attack from there with the intention of intercepting NE’s advancing forces. However, NE chooses to rush from line 8 instead.

In the first engagement, NE suffers a huge loss as a result of 2 of their T1 tanks being caught unawares and separated from the pack, thus exposing their strategy. Upon discovering their intent, UAD retreated to defend their base and quickly re-strategized a counterattack. As NE was too hasty in their assault and their forces were dispersed about, UAD took the first round without much resistance.

Winner for Round 1
U ARE DEAD 1 : 0 NightEagles

image4Round 2, Ensk –
The tank line-ups for both teams are the same as Round 1, with the exception of an IS-3 tank being swopped out in favour of a T32 in NE’s team.

In this match, NE decides to adopt a strategy that is rarely seen by rushing through line 1, whereas UAD chooses to take a defensive stance using the city as the centre of their defence. UAD easily saw through NE’s plan and swiftly took countermeasures to outflank and wipe out NE forces to claim a win for Round 2.

Winner for Round 2
U ARE DEAD 2 : 0 NightEagles


Round 3, Ruinberg – In this matchup, UAD makes use of a KV-5 and IS-3 to provide cover for 2 of their AMX50 and a T69 whereas NE sends out a T32 and IS-3 to back up 3 T69 tanks. UAD sets up defence around the church in the town area located at the bottom left corner of the map. NE, on the other hand, dispatches a T1 into the heart of the town to scout ahead, with the rear troops closely following behind accompanied by another T1 acting as a lookout in the plains.

Upon discovering UAD’s forces, NE moves in to surround the church and pressure the defending troops. A fire fight ensues and NE manages to take out 2 of UAD’s AMX50 tanks at the cost of one T69 and T1 during the engagement. This came as a huge blow to UAD as the match now tilted in favour of NE who has temporarily gained an upper hand with the elimination of 2 of UAD’s main driving forces.

However, UAD seemed undaunted by their disadvantage. They worked quickly to gather their forces and re-strategize with the change in circumstances. Taking advantage of the slow reloading time of NE’s T69, UAD retaliated and quickly recovered from their loss to turn the game around. Thanks to their great adaptability and impeccable judgment of the situation, they rebounded to annihilate the NE team and take the win for Round 3.

Winner for Round 2
U ARE DEAD 3 : 0 NightEagles


Round 4, Mines 
UAD’s lineup for this match comprises of an SPG to provide support for their main force from higher ground and an AMX13 90 and 2 WZ-132 tanks to take on NE forces in the central highlands.

NE decides to stick to their IS-3, T32 and T69 combo and attempt to gain higher ground in the hopes of winning control of the game in one fell swoop.

Both teams clash in the hillside and UAD, having chosen to go along with the SPG line up found themselves in a vulnerable position during close combat as they could not gain distance for the SPG to put out enough firepower. This has allowed NE to successfully take control of the central highlands and in turn annihilate most of UAD’s forces to win the match by capturing their base.

Winner for Round 4
U ARE DEAD 3 : 1 NightEagles


Round 5, Widepark 
UAD rolls out into battle with an IS-3 and a T32 providing cover for their main forces AMX50 100 and T69. NE, like previous matches, decides to proceed with the same tank setup.

UAD and NE break out into an exchange of fire at the central railway and only managed to break the stalemate when both sides lost a T69 each. At this point in time, NE turns their attack to line 1 leaving a T1 to defend line 9 while UAD advances through line 9, leaving also a T1 to defend at line 1. UAD played into the hands of NE when they withdrew their troops back to defend against the advancing forces, but NE  had already set up a wall of defence at UAD’s base in anticipation of them. The ensuing battle resulted in a total annihilation of UAD, buying NE another round to rebound back from their lacklustre start.

Winner for Round 5
U ARE DEAD 3 : 2 NightEagles


Round 6, Prokhorovka 
For the tank line up in this match, UAD chooses to go with an SPG to assist the team in attack/ defence operations; NE deploys heavy tank T32 which has a relatively decent speed to lead the charge of 4 T69 tanks.

NE strikes through line 1 from the start whereas UAD stations their troops in the plains. When they finally encounter each other, UAD decides to retreat to the right side of the map and wait for a good opportunity to strike as they were aware of the disadvantage of the SPG during close quarter combat. NE’s T1 attempts to capture UAD’s base, backed up by the other team mates who continuously applied pressure to UAD. At this point in time, NE had a big advantage over their opponents and it seemed as though they could win the battle to bring the score to 3:3, thus extending the tournament into the 7th and final round.

Alas, Lady Luck was not on their side as UAD wasted no time in dispatching a WZ-132 forth to interrupt the base capture and simultaneously 2 T1 tanks to capture NE’s base. Although NE managed to break through UAD’s defences, they failed in their attempt to capture UAD’s base. They may have successfully scattered the enemy team but their capture attempt has ironically given UAD an upper hand instead.

Left with a T32 and T69 tank, NE needs to gather both tanks and concentrate their efforts on defending their base as this is the most viable solution left to them at this point in time. On UAD’s end, it becomes clear to them that they need to delay NE’s return so as to buy time to capture their base. Even if they do not succeed in the base capture, they need to preserve their AMX13 90 and WZ-132 at all costs in order to have a fighting chance against NE.

NE, in their haste to defend against the base capture commits a grave mistake of not staying together when returning. UAD picks off the T32 which was trailing behind before finishing off the T69 to seal their fates in the tournament.

The final score :

Winner for Round 6
U ARE DEAD 4 : 2 NightEagles

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