RobotsGoneBad 12 Days of Giveaway – The Recap

It’s the last day of our Christmas giveaway, and in good time, too, since Christmas and 2012 are both long gone.

We’ll be picking the winners of the giveaways come Friday, Jan 12 2013, so there’s still time to hit up the swag for a chance to win if you haven’t already.

Day 1 – Robot Swag

Day 2 – Monster Hunting Gear

Day 3 – Nintendo Grab Bag

Day 4 – Hitman Absolution Game & Armaggeddon Gaming Gear

Day 5 – Mad Catz Sanrio Stick

Day 6 – Civilization V Game & Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse

Day 7 – Razer Grab Bag

Day 8 – Poring Pack!

Day 9 – Japanese Video Games

Day 10 – Armaggeddon Gaming Gear

Day 11 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Asia LE Box + Mad Catz TTT2 Fight Stick

Winners must be able to come down to the RobotsGoneBad office to collect their loot, though the Mad Catz Sanrio stick will be shipped to international winners.

Please note you can only enter each giveaway once. Good luck!