Calling All Cosplayers – the Sakura Festival Awaits!

We have a cosplay competition at the Jurong Point Sakura Festival this weekend.

Together with The Neo Tokyo Project, we’ll be awarding up to S$500 in prizes to the best cosplayers who show up!

Don’t feel intimidated, though. The cosplay vets from the Neo Tokyo Project have angled the competition for novices. “This means that cosplayers with less than a year of experience and/or are participating in a cosplay contest for the very first time are also welcome to apply,” say the rules.

Participants will be judged on craftsmanship and costume accuracy, performance and delivery, character choice, stage presence, and Wow! Factor. A bonus 5% in points will be awarded to participants who cosplay as characters from a recognisable Namco Bandai game series.

This is the last day for pre-registration so sign up quick! Contestants are expected to report by 1pm. The competition will start at 2pm and end at 4pm, with the results being announced at 5pm.