Go Back to 1995 with PlayStation Memories

We’ve already seen the “A Day With PlayStation” and “PlayStation 4 Perfect Day” commercials from Japan and North America respectively, so what about Europe? Well, wonder no more. Rather than selling this image of the ideal PlayStation lifestyle, Sony EU is simply pointing out that we’ve been living it ...

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Releases This December

Our awfully long wait for South Park: The Stick of Truth will soon be over! Ubisoft have announced that the Obsidian Entertainment–South Park Digital Studios game will be available on 10 December (US), with a Grand Wizard Edition closely in tow for a 12 December release. The game introduces ...

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Tokyo Game Show 2013: Deep Down is Free-to-Play, Randomly Generated

As a new game by Capcom making its debut on the PlayStation 4, Deep Down has garnered quite an interest since its reveal. Initially this was due to the controversy of said footage, which basically seemed like pre-rendered assets overlaid with a user interface mock-up. Now that we’ve gotten ...

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Tokyo Game Show 2013: Ace Combat Infinity Trailer

There are times for combat flight simulators, of which we’ve got a decent selection covering both old and new planes. Other times we just want to mess around and blow stuff up, which is where the Ace Combat series fits right in. The next game in the line-up is ...

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Tokyo Game Show 2013: Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay [Updated]

Remember that video where Big Boss infiltrates a military base at night? Well, Hideo Kojima took to the TGS stage earlier today to show us some gameplay from that site. It’s a casual presentation in general, and while we have no idea what they’re saying (it’s all in Japanese) ...

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Red Bull This Is eSports

Red Bull Premieres eSports Video Series

Red Bull has been a regular eSports sponsor lately but did you know they have their own coverage too? You’ll find Red Bull’s dedicated (although US-centric) page over at this link. Now they’re taking it one step further by running an informative video series, promising to give us a ...

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