Preview: Civilization VI (PC)

Through what I can only assume to be long-distance sorcery, Emperor Qin Shi Huang of China contacts me to ask: what need had I for world wonders when I could simply visit his empire instead? True enough, his capital is only a short scroll away and the whole exchange could ...

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Impressions: Stifled

Horror games have crawled out of its well and back into our lives. You know the market’s grown large enough when Resident Evil abandons the action-heavy route for creepy crawlies and jump scares, so imagine my delight when the E3 demo of Stifled lands in our inbox; we’ve seen ...

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Impressions: Overwatch (Open Beta)

Overwatch deserves the hype. Blizzard Entertainment’s multiplayer shooter isn’t the first to have classes, nor is it the only game featuring heroes, but it has single-handedly achieved something on a scale not shared by many: reinvigorating competitive FPS. Greater than its cohesive mechanics, colorful aesthetic or international cast is ...

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