XCOM Enemy Within

Review – XCOM: Enemy Within (PC)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown could have been brilliant. Firaxis’ reboot was sleek, fun and drew a wide audience, yet certain design decisions left the game feeling flawed. Those frustrations, compounded by the lack of a free play mode, made the game’s appeal fade faster than it should. Here comes XCOM: ...

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How Strife wants to change MOBAs

Tucked away inside ITE Ang Mo Kio was this year’s Campus Game Fest, where S2 Games was showing its first public demo of Strife outside North America. It’s easy to dismiss this as another MOBA but the developers have revised the age-old formula enough to call it “second generation”. ...

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Company of Heroes 2

Review: Company of Heroes 2 (PC)

Where do you begin when tasked with crafting a sequel to an award-winning strategy title? That’s the position Relic Entertainment found themselves in after spending the last few years in an affair with Space Marines and Orks. They’ve since returned to the rubbles of human conflict in Company of ...

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The Robot Uprising In AVA's Battle Gear Beginz

If it’s been some time since you last checked on Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) then you might want to start logging back in. Their latest update, Battle Gear Beginz, introduces two new maps and some graphical improvements to the free-to-play shooter. The highlight here would be the update’s ...

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Review 2.0: Cubetractor (PC)

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve last taken a look at Cubetractor, that frantic puzzle game from Singaporean studio Ludochip. Just a beta version then, the game is now roaming the digital wilderness in a complete state. The question is: should you bring it home? The mechanical heart ...

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Robots Gone Bad - Metro Last Light Review 01

Review: Metro Last Light (PC)

Stepping out from a dark tunnel and into the light is usually a moment of celebration, but in post-WWIII Russia I’ve never been happier to go back underground. Metro: Last Light is a reminder that shooters can still be a tense, atmospheric affair, though it’s the introspective narrative and ...

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