Review: Binary Domain (X360)

8.5/10 – Pop culture is packed full of references to dystopian futures where humanity is overrun with robots. It's not always the fault of the robots. Sometimes, it's those wacky humans who create them for evil. It's hard to pick sides when playing Binary Domain, though.

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Review: Journey (PSN)

A vast and desolate desert appears before you. Small stone objects, which appear to be gravestones, litter the landscape. Suddenly, a bright light from the heavens comes crashing to earth. From this light a figure of small stature, dressed in a red cloak, arises. You begin to wander aimlessly ...

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Review: Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

6.5/10 – Tales of the Abyss is disappointing. One might expect more from a game that hails from the prestigious Tales series produced by Namco Bandai, but Tales is truly a let-down. It was my first experience with the Tales series, what with the game not being released too often ...

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