LG G6 review

Review – The LG G6 is still a strong Android contender

LG has seemingly abandoned their sense of adventure with the release of the LG G6 smartphone. Ditching the novel and sometimes innovative designs of its predecessors, the flagship is decidedly more safe and conventional this time around. Familiar doesn’t necessarily mean boring, however, as the Android 7.0 phone still ...

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Review – The Garmin Vivosmart HR is an ideal fitness tracker for beginners

Considering how Garmin made a name for themselves by being tracking and guidance specialists, we’ve observed their foray into fitness trackers with a fair bit of fascination. It’s been fourteen years since they’ve shipped their first wearable, the Forerunner 201, and three since the Vivofit tracker was launched. The ...

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Oppo R9s and R9s Plus Review: Working within the safe and familiar

Oppo’s mobile phones may not hold the same consumer fixation as Apple or Samsung but they’re highly capable devices in their own right. Their latest offerings, the Oppo R9s and R9s Plus, are revisions of last year’s models. The changes aren’t minor nor superficial – other than price, there’s ...

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avermedia ballista trinity front

Review: AVerMedia Ballista Trinity 2.1 gaming speakers

Diversify or die. After spending years riding on the backs of their video capture cards, AVerMedia Technologies have expanded their gaming presence with audio hardware. They’ve released not one but three products in a new speaker line, and I’ve been listening to their flagship, the Ballista Trinity, for a ...

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