Gamevice Impression: An iPhone gaming controller

Ever wanted to have more accurate controls over your games in your iPhone? The Gamevice accessory might just be your answer. The Gamevice turns your iPhone into a handheld console with “physical” controls – and into a form factor not unlike a Nintendo Switch. So instead of skidding your ...

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jabra elite 65t review 01

Review: The Jabra Elite 65t ticks all the right boxes for wireless earbuds

The Apple AirPods shone a massive spotlight on going cable-free, spurring greater competition and interest from the field. As with anything audio related, models now occupy both ends of the price spectrum, though most named brands sit beyond the $100 mark. That’s especially true for the Jabra Elite 65t, ...

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plantronics rigs 800hs review 01

Review – The Plantronics RIG 800HS headset delivers on comfort and good sound

Wireless gaming headsets often feel like a compromise, where questions of price, comfort, and quality get obfuscated by battery life and convenience. While I’d still recommend headphones paired with something like a ModMic for PC, that combination falls flat when it comes to console gaming. I’d long though we’d ...

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X-mini Supa front

Review – The X-mini Supa has an identity crisis

X-mini has carved a comfortable place for itself since introducing capsule speakers ten years ago, yet to grow they need to diversify. With Bluetooth being today’s weapon of choice, the company’s range now includes headphones and soundbar-styled speakers. In the shadow of that rapid expansion is the X-mini Supa, ...

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ViewSonic XG2530 front

Review – ViewSonic XG2530 an ideal gateway to 240Hz TN monitors

The 240Hz TN panel is becoming less of an exception these days as more manufacturers capitalize on the esports wave. Entering our crosshairs today is the ViewSonic XG2530, a 24.5” 1920×1080 monitor that understands it takes more than just high refresh rates to beat the competition. There’s this bizarre, ...

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LG SJ7 Sound Bar Flex - speakers

Review – Sound bar or Home theater? LG’s SJ7 Sound Bar Flex gives you both

They may call it a sound bar but the LG SJ7 Sound Bar Flex is capable of so much more. Speaking to the company’s knack for the fun and unusual, this wireless speaker system easily morphs into a traditional 2.1 or a 4.1 surround with barely a hint of effort, ...

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