Netflix’s The Witcher shows off Roach, Geralt’s trusty steed

Netflix has finally released a first look at Geralt’s best mate and forever companion, Roach the horse. I say finally, of course, because after pictures of The Witcher’s main cast were officially released, many of us wondered where the fan favourite horse was.  We also get another look at ...

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Pakistani politician tweets out a GTA 5 clip, mistaking it for a real life video

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. All he did was tweet out a video of a plane narrowly missing an oil truck, after all. How was he to know the clip was from a six-year-old video game?  Oh, dear Yes, the Secretary ...

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Valve apologises for its misleading Summer Grand Prix, gives out 5000 more games

In our world, there are many things that amaze and baffle us…some more so than others. Take Stonehenge, the rock formation which has tickled scholars for centuries over the secret of its construction. There’s also the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting that continues to charm with her ...

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Gearbox drops more Borderlands 3 info at Guardian Con!

Borderlands 3 is one of the most hotly-awaited games of 2019, and for good reason – we’ve waited over seven years! So it goes without saying that fans are keen for any associated news or releases. Fortunately, developer Gearbox Software has been rather generous here, having dropped yet another ...

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shenmue 3

Epic promises refunds to Shenmue 3 backers over move to Epic Store

Ever heard the saying “appearances can be deceiving”? Well, here’s a perfect example. Behind the Epic Store‘s supposed popularity among developers lies a brutal truth: not everyone is a fan. Now, you don’t need a doctorate to figure out who some of those people are. Valve has got a strongly ...

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cyberpunk 2077 band

Cyberpunk 2077’s band Samurai drops its first single, “Chippin In”

As if Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t breathtaking enough. Well, you’ll now be taking many more breaths — because we’ll be jamming along with the game’s band Samurai and their first EP. Titled “Chippin’ In”, the song debuted at E3 2019 when Keanu Reeves walked in to throngs of starstruck fans. ...

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Netflix The Witcher

Check out Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri from Netflix’s new Witcher TV show

Netflix has finally unveiled promotional images for their upcoming Witcher TV show. Keep in mind that this series will be based on the books and not the critically acclaimed game series, so these characters might look… different.  Henry Cavill as Geralt is front and center here. One particular picture ...

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