Hack Jurassic Park's System

Who could ever forget Jurassic Park – both the book and the movie? Remember the part where they try to hack into the Jurassic Park system from Nedry’s computer? Think you could have done it better than that guy? Well, now you get to have a shot at hacking ...

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Family Sharing on Steam Now Available

In September 2013, Steam has announced that its Family Sharing feature was going to be open for beta. Now, it is out of beta! Thanks to Family Sharing, up to ten devices and five accounts can access each other’s libraries and share games without disrupting their own save files ...

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GameMaker Studio is Free

GameMaker Studio is usually sold for $49.99. However, thanks to a special sale by YoYo Games, GameMaker: Studio Standard  can now be downloaded completely free of charge. The Standard edition supports Mac OS X, Windows PC and Windows 8 exports and provides unlimited resources. The Professional Edition which usually ...

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Witching Hour Studios Announces Their Next Tactics Game

Dust mites and bed bugs are quite possibly the bane of our night-time existence. The fight against these miniscule foes is eternal, but did you know that these two tiny creatures have a war of their own? At least that’s what local game developer Witching Hour Studios is proposing, ...

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Not on Steam Sale

A Sale for Those Not on Steam

Getting your game onto the Steam store is quite a big deal, especially if you’re a budding indie developer. These days we have services like Humble Bundle, Desura and more who cater to the small studios, but the fact still remains that simply being on Steam is a huge ...

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Game of Thrones Gets The 8-bit Platformer Treatment

Now this isn’t an official product by any means, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. A Spanish comic artist has taken the time to craft this little gem using Arcade Game Studio, and it even includes 8-bit covers of the “Game of Thrones” and “Rains of Castamere” themes. ...

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Project Phoenix logo

Project Phoenix, The Indie JRPG By AAA Talent

Creative Intelligence Arts have announced plans to develop Project Phoenix, a Japanese role-playing game combined with real-time strategy.  Made by an international staff with AAA credits to their names, a Kickstarter will be launched soon to fund part of the game’s creation. The company’s founder, Hiroaki Yura, will be ...

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Independent Developers in Australia Receive a $6M Boost

The Australian government will be providing a six million dollar stimulus to indie devs in an effort to back “a new generation of creative entrepreneurs in the interactive games industry.” Citing how employment levels have been falling since international publishers vacated the country, the Games Enterprise program by Screen ...

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