E3 2019 Terraria

E3 2019: Terraria is getting a massive, final update

 E3’s PC Gaming Show had some surprising and sad news for Terraria. The popular 2D sandbox adventure (in the same vein as Minecraft) is getting its final major update soon, capping 8 incredible years of free content since the it’s launch in 2011. Aptly titled ‘The Journey’s End’, this also-free update freshens almost ...

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apple app store 10th ann

Apple’s games curation is helping SEA developers with visibility

Apple made waves earlier this year with their Apple Arcade announcement, a gaming subscription that promised no in-app purchases, no ads and offline play for more than 100 curated games. We’re still pining for details before it launches in Fall 2019, but just what sort of games can we ...

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Marina Bay Billionaire Clicker banner

Marina Bay Billionaire Clicker lets you rebuild the famous Singapore skyline

The Singapore skyline has changed drastically since independence, but what if you were the one to steer its development? Marina Bay Billionaire Clicker is the debut release for Alpha Beta Omega, a local studio geared towards casual mobile games. Their choice for a city-building clicker wasn’t to merely capitalize ...

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Cultist Simulator key art

Cultist Simulator planned for Android and iOS in Spring 2019

Enlightening news abound for all fans of the occult. Weather Factory’s morbidly enchanting Cultist Simulator is creeping onto iOS and Android devices in Spring 2019, with a tidy 30% discount for all pre-registered aspirants at launch. Cultist Simulator is presently out for PC and, on those first few playthroughs, ...

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Local devs deliver VR kungfu action with Kungfucious

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a martial arts practitioner, utilizing your ki as weapons? Or maybe imagining yourself as Street Fighter‘s Ryu, tossing out Hadoukens left and right? Well, we might get to experience exactly that with Kungfucious. Designed for VR, Kungfucious lets you take ...

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Persona 5

Persona 5 gets its own board game, unofficially!

Board game adaptation of video games are not a new thing. Gears of War, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and even XCOM: Enemy Unknown all have their tabletop versions, and it seems that Persona 5 is now joining the club. Unofficially. The project comes from hobbyist board and video game designer Brother Ming Games, ...

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Indie Games Accelerator 2018

A chat with The Gentlebros and BattleBrew Productions on Google’s first Indie Games Accelerator

With the conclusion of Google’s first ever Indie Games Accelerator Bootcamp right here in Singapore, we had a chance to talk to some of our very own homegrown and talented indie game developers. Specifically Desmond Wong, CEO of The Gentlebros and Shawn Toh, CEO of Battlebrew Productions. The Gentlebros (official ...

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Google Indie Games Accelerator 2018 - SG Grads

Google held the world’s first Indie Games Accelerator right here in Singapore

For a class of select indie game developers, stepping into Google’s Asia-Pacific headquarters must have felt like a dream. An all-expenses paid trip to Singapore, brushing shoulders with like-minded peers and mentors teeming with industry knowledge — all to better improve their craft. It was the first Indie Games ...

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