Interview: Team Eehan

Team Eehan is one of the newer teams that have recently popped up on the local StarCraft II radar. While they haven’t won any offline tournaments yet, they certainly have been making a name for themselves online.

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All About: Diablo III Cinematics with Marc Messenger

Blizzard have always been considered to be one of the best masters in the art of cinematic directions in videogames. Marc Messenger, Cinematics Director for Blizzard, was in Singapore for the launch of Diablo III last week and shared with us his experience working on the title.

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Interview with Journey's Producer, Jenova Chen

We really loved the PSN exclusive game Journey. And if you haven’t play the game, trust us, you have to. We managed to score a neat interview with Jenova Chen, producer of the game, and some of the things we found out from him was that the game was inspired ...

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