In Conversation with Wargaming APAC General Manager, Jungwon Hahn

Welcome to the inaugural ‘In Conversation’ feature. It is a conversational series where we invite people from the gaming industry – be it Designers, Producers, General managers or even CEOs – to talk about their roles within their respective companies, give their opinions of the industry at large, or share ...

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E3 2017: Interview with Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Producer

We caught up with Tomoko Hiroki, Producer for the recently announced fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ (pronounced as ‘fighters’) and had a quick chat with her about her game, favorite Dragon Ball characters, and some of the challenges she faced. Hi Tomoko, how did creating a 2D Dragon Ball ...

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Interview: BLAME!’s Hiroyuki Seshita and Tadahiro Yoshihira

The movie adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s BLAME! premieres worldwide on Netflix today and there’s just one thing that its co-directors want you to know: That this is a reboot of the original manga, scripted and storyboarded by Nihei himself. Don’t take that as a means of deflecting, um, blame, should ...

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Betting in Videogames is inevitable, said Wargaming’s Head of Competitive Gaming

Betting in videogames, or at least in competitive games like Counter-Strike: GO and Rocket League have been nothing short of controversial. But according to Wargaming, it would be naïve to think that it won’t happen in videogames eventually. I asked Mohamed Fadl, Wargaming’s Head of Global Competitive Gaming, his ...

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final fantasy brave exvius hiroki fujimoto

Interview: Hiroki Fujimoto on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Version 2

Free-to-play mobile RPG Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has just been updated to Version 2, headlined by a revamped summoning system that has the player base all abuzz. Now in its eighth month, the game recently courted attention for its collaboration with American pop superstar Ariana Grande, catapulting worldwide downloads ...

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Horizon: Dawn Zero Interview – Roland IJzermans

We sat down with Guerilla Games’ Lead Concept Artist, Roland IJzermans at a recent Horizon: Zero Dawn media event in Manila. Roland shared with us many interesting insights into the design concepts behind the game, the amount of details poured into making the world of HZD believable and both mysterious ...

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halo wars 2 jerome

Interview with Halo Wars 2’s Design Director Clay Jensen

After eight long years, Microsoft Studios has pulled the Halo Wars series out of cryostasis, reintroducing the concept of a console-based real-time strategy game to new a generation of players. In that time, the franchise as a whole has transferred to a new studio, making this the first RTS ...

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