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GAX Game of the Year 2018

Videogames are immensely complex undertakings, no matter the scope of the project or the size of the team. With so many moving parts, interconnected systems, and tight deadlines, it can be hard to weave an in-game narrative that, once out the release door, holds up to public scrutiny. Even ...

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Google Indie Games Accelerator 2018 - SG Grads

Google held the world’s first Indie Games Accelerator right here in Singapore

For a class of select indie game developers, stepping into Google’s Asia-Pacific headquarters must have felt like a dream. An all-expenses paid trip to Singapore, brushing shoulders with like-minded peers and mentors teeming with industry knowledge — all to better improve their craft. It was the first Indie Games ...

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The GameAxis Playlist: December 2018

Winter December is coming. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) That means more games are on their way, which leads us to a single, undeniable conclusion: R.I.P wallet, it was nice knowing you. Yup, the holiday season rears its wallet-crushing, time-deleting head once more. For that reason, we’d like to ...

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A sneak peek at Resident Evil 2 with producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

Any self-respecting gamer has probably heard of Resident Evil at least once in their life. It’s become a household name within the zombie genre, much like how people would associate Star Wars with sci-fi. But out of the seven-odd games in the franchise, there is one that stands out ...

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Hero spotlight: Aiming down sights with Overwatch’s Ashe

Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe is Overwatch’s newest playable character, with a knack for point control and mid-range headshots. Over the past week or so, everyone should’ve spent a fair amount of time playing the sassy, white-haired outlaw, and if there’s anything to say at all: she’s definitely a lot ...

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Singapore Zoo - Dragons & Beasts 01

In photos: Dragons, beasts, and puzzles at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari

From the Greek cyclops to the Chinese lóng and West African Ninki Nanka, legends have come back to life at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari. The two wildlife parks are featuring mythical bestiaries for their year-end events, riding on pop culture appeal for a bit of family and educational fun. Read ...

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