xcom 2 war of the chosen - key art

Review – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (PC) steers series down new direction

Unlike the previous game’s expansion, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen isn’t an ideal proving ground for newcomers. While it does make you start a new campaign, there’s so much new content layered on the many existing ones that it’s easily overwhelming. The strategy layer incessantly demands your attention ...

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HyperX Alloy Elite Review – A no-nonsense keyboard with just the right features

Kingston’s HyperX gaming division is doubling down on its decision to churn out gaming keyboards that favor simplicity over a ton of superfluous features. The HyperX Alloy FPS was a full-sized keyboard that impressed with its utilitarian approach, but it could come across as a little too spartan, and ...

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kamen rider climax fighters announce 01

Kamen Rider Climax Fighters heads to PS4 on 7 Dec with English subs

Bandai Namco Entertainment is adding English subtitles to Kamen Rider Climax Fighters, the first video game in the franchise’s sprawling history to ever do so. The game itself ends a dry spell for the Climax series, which last appeared for the PlayStation Portable and Wii U in 2012. Now ...

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A quick look at the Digimon Ver.20th virtual pet

Handheld gaming was a wholly different beast two decades ago. Before the advent of smartphones, the proliferation of Snake via Nokia, or even Nintendo’s Game Boy Color, came a tiny portable device that enchanted an entire generation. Bandai’s Digital Monster was first released in 1997 in response to Tamagotchi, ...

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Breaking: Steam Store gets the ban hammer in Malaysia

Spare a thought for our friends across the causeway. According to Lowyat.net, a Malaysia-based tech site, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (or MCMC, the Malaysia equivalent of our own Media Development Authority) has moved to deny local access to the entire Steam store. The move, which is no ...

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ViewSonic XG2530 front

Review – ViewSonic XG2530 an ideal gateway to 240Hz TN monitors

The 240Hz TN panel is becoming less of an exception these days as more manufacturers capitalize on the esports wave. Entering our crosshairs today is the ViewSonic XG2530, a 24.5” 1920×1080 monitor that understands it takes more than just high refresh rates to beat the competition. There’s this bizarre, ...

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