Going Super on the Performance

Graphic cards that are optimised for work and play tend come in many forms and flavours. GIGABYTE’s gaming hardware arm – AORUS – believes there is no need for such distinctions, especially if when it is about its most powerful offerings. While they are not made equal, these top-end ...

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5 reasons why you’ll want to party up with MyRepublic GAMER

Everybody wants in on the big gaming pie and that includes internet providers too. While the competition and choices are great, it can be tough figuring out which plan has the right gem for your socket. Who among them is attuned to gamers’ needs, from the core to the ...

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linksys wrt32x gaming router 01

Stay ahead of the competition with the Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

With more users, devices, and services tapping onto our home network, it’s no longer a question of how fast but how optimized one’s connection is. While consumers already have options when it comes to shaping and prioritizing traffic, none have approached the situation with a gaming-first angle in mind. ...

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A new Valkyria joins the battle in massive Honkai Impact 3 content update

The Valkryies of Honkai Impact 3 are set for a challenging adventure in the new Xuanyuan Extra Chapter event. Now live, players will aid newcomer Murata Himeko as she seeks the legend of the Ji Xuanyuan stigmata and the Xuanyuan sword, taking her and the party deep into the ...

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final fantasy awakening 01

Final Fantasy Awakening is a legitimate entry for fans

Fans of Square Enix’s iconic RPG franchise need to pay close attention to Final Fantasy Awakening, the latest mobile game to hit the scene. While there are plenty of ports and spin-offs already available on iOS and Android, Final Fantasy Awakening stands apart for being an actual entry in ...

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honkai impact 3 trailer

Mobile Action RPG Honkai Impact 3 launches in Southeast Asia!

Honkai Impact 3 has launched its first Southeast Asia server today afternoon (1 Nov), finally bringing the anime-styled 3D action game to English-speaking audiences. Players across the region have already shown great anticipation for the game, as more than 500,000 players have already pre-registered for its release. Download the ...

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance lets you pack on four layers of armor

History and role-playing buffs are in for a treat. Warhorse Studios have released a new video detailing the extensive RPG and armor systems in their crowdfunded medieval Europe game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Touted as a realistic single-player RPG, backers and fans will be happy to know that Kingdom Come ...

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune Review

The gaming industry offers a wide variety of MMO online games. There are some who are free and only require registration and others that require some monetary resources in order to move up the game, but it is difficult to know, which are the best and which browsers offer ...

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