The Wargaming April Fools' Special!

If there’s one gaming company that knows how to enjoy a good joke and treat, it’s Wargaming. In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, Wargaming has launched some pretty awesome in-game events in World of Tanks (Xbox 360), a couple of browser-based games and a game-changer news for World of Tanks (PC).

But here’s a twist. One of them is faux. Can you tell which?

World of Tanks (Xbox 360) – New “Lunar” mode and cusom map “Moon River

  • From April 3/4th to April 5/6th (depending on your region), players who log into the game will be transported to a lunar landscape, with appropriately reduced gravity.
  • On April 3/4th, every tanker will find in their garage a special lunar version of the M-24 Chaffee to take into battle on the crater-marked surface of Moon River. With lower gravity, you can expect to see some awesome tank flying moments.
  • And any trip to outer space wouldn’t be complete without a high-tech weapons arsenal. That’s why the M-24’s standard cannon will be replaced with a laser blaster able to fast load and fire off three bursts during lunar warfare. Pew! Pew! Pew!

World of Tanks: Operation Undead

  • World of Tanks Operation Undead places you in the boots of a commander whose Stronghold has been set upon by hordes of vicious enemies.
  • Inspired by the Tower Defense genre, players have to come up with tactics and strategies to fend off waves of attackers.
  • Strategically place tanks across three unique battlegrounds. Defend against seven different types of undead from decrepit biplanes to shambling ground troops. Use a range of tanks effective against the numerous types of zombies and harness powerful special attacks to deal the final blow.
  • As players progress in the game, new tanks can be upgraded and unlocked to further strengthen a Stronghold’s defense and keep zombies at bay.
  • There’s even a Top 100 leaderboard for the best zombie-killer tanker.
  • The game can be played at

World of Warships: Ocean Drift

  • Inspired by arcade classics and developed by Lesta Studio, this retro maze game puts players in charge of their very own pint-sized vessel.
  • Players take to the geometric seas and sail around a series of ten levels, scooping up all the baubles bobbing on the waves. At odds with the prospective treasure hunters are a number of enemy vessels in dogged pursuit.
  • Advance through the levels, collect all the baubles, and compete for the best score possible.
  • Ocean Drift can be accessible at

World of Tanks (PC)
Last but not least for tankers of the venerable online game, Wargaming has also announced the next major step forward in its franchise World of Tanks: modern vehicle lines. Covered in the latest Dev Diaries as seen below, a new 11th Tier is to be introduced in the future. These modern tanks will mark a new direction for both players and developers.

A few of the legendary tanks planned are the heavily armored and powerful Russian T-90, the bulky yet quick U.S. M1 Abrams, the extremely well protected British Challenger 2, and the heavy-hitting German Leopard 1A5.

To leave the current Tech Trees undisturbed, the 11th Tier will ensure player progression and game balancing remain stable. To complement the new tiers and tanks, two setups are currently being considered: separate battle Tiers of 12 and 13 for modern tanks only; Tier 10 and 11 battles, where both modern and older tanks can take to the battlefield. – Anton Pankov, Executive Publishing Producer

With the prospective introduction of modern tanks, some gameplay elements may also require adjusting, such as anti-tank guided missiles and multi-layer armoring. That also meant that more modern weapon systems will now be in development and can be expected to roll out when the new line makes its debut. If the new vehicle implementation is successful, tanks from further in the future may appear in game.

Aaron Yip

Aaron Yip is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience. When not spending time on his gaming PC and consoles, he can be found in Hyrule solving ungodly puzzles and collecting gems.