There’s a new PlayStation VR headset coming

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Sony Interactive Entertainment are whipping up a new PlayStation VR headset to succeed the current version.

Revealed in a PlayStation Blog update (via Kotaku), the CUH-ZVR2 model has a streamlined connection cable and HDR pass through. The Japanese release is on 14 October with a 44,980-yen price tag (approximately S$545). As of writing, no launch details for North America or Asia have been announced.

We’ve summarized the key points from the updated FAQ:

What’s different?

  • Updated design that integrates stereo headphone cables with the headset.
  • Slimmer, streamlined connection cable.
  • Updated Processor Unit with HDR pass through, i.e. you won’t need to disconnect it from your PS4 Pro to get HDR content on the TV. However, the VR headset must be turned off.
  • Product package will show the model number and updated product image.
  • Model numbers: old (CUH-ZVR1) versus new (CUH-ZVR2).

Already own a PS VR?

  • You cannot swap Processing Units because of the different cables.
  • All PS VR games are compatible between the two models.

Here’s what the new cable layout (left) looks like.


Above is what that stereo integration looks like, with an audio control pad placed near the front for easy access. There’s also an “earpiece holder” at the sides now (might want to wipe off any gunk first).

Additional photos, such as the new earphones below, may be found at 4Gamer.


In other words, you don’t have to fork out for the new model since it only has quality-of-life improvements, not performance upgrades. If you’re a new buyer then, by all means, hop aboard.

Is it a necessary move on Sony’s part? Not quite, though those small changes are certainly welcome for anyone who deals with the PS VR regularly. It also falls near the one-year anniversary for PlayStation VR (Singapore’s launch was on the 13 October last year), granting them a new product to push for the upcoming holidays – with more VR titles on the way the headset does seem more attractive. It’s also worth pointing out that the PS VR works on PCs via third-party software, and that Sony has considered supporting the desktop before.

All that said, the news does come as a sting for those who jumped on the PS4 Pro and PS VR bundles we’ve been seeing lately. In fact, it’s quite aggravating when you consider how the new model integrates with the Pro better, especially since HDR is one of the console’s selling points.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any Asia-targeted announcements.

Photos: PlayStation Japan , 4Gamer
Sources: PlayStation US, PS Japan (via Kotaku)

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