Anthem will be getting a movie prequel!


Heads up, Anthem fans.

Make sure to check your inbox, because BioWare will supposedly release a groundbreaking announcement at 10PM SGT tonight!

If you ask me, I think it might be regarding cross-platform play for Anthem, since it seems every other game is jumping on the train too. I do hope it’s a lot more substantial than that, though. We’ll update this post as soon as the news lands, so stay tuned!

Update (13 Feb):

The announcement is out, and it’s certainly big news.

Apparently, EA and BioWare will be collaborating with director Neill Blomkamp to create an Anthem-inspired movie called Conviction. Blomkamp is no stranger to the sci-fi genre, having previously directed movies like District 9, Elysium and Chappie. It will reportedly be a live-action film and is set decades before the events of the game, making it a prequel of sorts.

Anthem - Conviction poster

“I was really blown away by this incredible world BioWare created the very first time I saw Anthem,” said Neill Blomkamp. “Conviction sets the stage with a narrative that touches on Anthem’s beautiful and immersive world, which is ripe for exploration by these powerful Javelins. A world where danger is lurking on every ledge and in each valley.”

I’ll be honest: the movie announcement caught me off-guard. While Anthem doesn’t exactly have an impressive track record after their messy release schedule, I’m still pretty hyped for the short film.

Conviction premieres on Valentine’s morning at 7:30AM.

Kenneth Ang

Kenneth Ang

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