The first LEGO Overwatch model, Omnic Bastion!

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The bane of Overwatch casual matches has arrived as a LEGO model.

A rather cool model. I mean, look at it.

That’s right. Arguably the most iconic point-defense character in the game, Bastion can now hunker down and defend your desk in real life too. The limited-edition set hits the Blizzard Gear Store today, but you can grab one at BlizzCon 2018 as well.

The 12cm tall model dons the orange Omnic Crisis skin, featuring a swivelling upper body, moveable arms, a built-in weapon on the right arm, and even the character’s pet bird Ganymede.

It’s the first of the collaboration models between LEGO and Overwatch, with the Tracer minifig already teased.

Warning: Model will not defend against in-game Deadeye, Meteor Strikes and lag. 

The model goes for an MSRP of $25 on the Blizzard Gear Store, or purchase on-site at BlizzCon 2018 from 2-3 Nov.

Kenneth Ang

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