Sony's Project Morpheus is now PlayStation VR

At the Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony has announced the official name of the virtual reality system on the PlayStation 4 – the PlayStation VR. Previously known as Project Morpheus.

I really do like the original project name though, having grown accustomed to the name and PlayStation Morpheus would be so much cooler. So with an official name confirmed, are we anywhere closer to the launch date? Not quite, and Sony’s still tight lipped about it. While there’s a small chance we might see a Holiday or Christmas release, it is more likely that PlayStation VR will be a Q1 2016 launch.

Sony has also went on to share the specifications of the PlayStation VR

Main specifications of PlayStation®VR

Product name PlayStation®VR
Component Processor unit, VR headset
Display Method OLED
Panel Size 5.7 inches
Panel Resolution 1920×RGB×1080  (960×RGB×1080 per eye)
Refresh rate 120Hz, 90Hz
Field of View Approximately 100 degrees
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Connection interface HDMI + USB
Function 3D audio, Social Screen

Aaron Yip

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