BlizzCon 2016: New character Sombra comes to Overwatch test servers next week

Blizzard Entertainment has teased the hidden character Sombra since launching the game in May, and now we know who it is.

Sombra is a stealthy character with hacking capabilities, we learned today. She is playable at BlizzCon, and she’ll roll to the public test servers next week. Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime also showed off a new map called Oasis as well as an Arcade mode that has 1-versus-1 and 3-versus-3 arena-style game modes. Arcade will come with a new map called Ecopoint Antarctica that is frozen over and is part of the scientist Mei’s backstory.

Along with Sombra, Arcade and Ecopoint Antarctica will hit the test server next week. Oasis will come at some point after that.

Finally, Blizzard launched an animated short for Sombra during its BlizzCon event in Anaheim today, and you can watch it right here:


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