It’s not over yet, Bethesda site leaks customer information

The #BagGate is now the least of Bethesda’s issues as a bug was discovered on their support site that reveals sensitive and private customer information. If you are one of the thousands of buyers who have sent complaints to Bethesda, you may have had the opportunity to view the private details of other customers such as their home addresses, emails, and credit card information.

Reddit user /u/Jessiepie wrote a few hours ago: “Hi guys! First time Reddit poster here. I am a gleeful vault dweller as yourselves and as of this moment I am receiving every single one of your support tickets on my Bethesda account. Mostly it’s your receipts for you power armor set requesting a new bag. These receipts contain all your info. Your email and home address and the card you used to buy this extremely glitched game.”

The post was temporarily taken down due to a screenshot showing said private information, but it was brought back up again for everyone to be warned.

On top of all that, those who gained access to the information can also edit the complaints. /u/Jessiepie added that he can apparently update the complaint tickets and close them as well. He’s reported the leak to Bethesda via Twitter and the site has since been fixed. But the damage is done, and who knows how many “entrepreneurial” minds have taken the screenshots and saved them for their own gain in the future.

Reddit users commenting on /u/Jessiepie’s post are now discussing this breach of violation and the probability of the EU bearing down on Bethesda for possibly violating GDPR – which states that a company may be held liable for a data breach if it’s proven that they did not ensure to take all possible measures for prevention.

At this point this author is wondering when Bethesda’s issues will finally stop or if it could get even worse.

Nadine Pacis

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