Is One Punch Man Saitama’s fitness regime actually legit?

Let’s be frank. Most things in anime aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

That said, there is no concrete rule that says you can’t either.

Seems legit.

The popular One Punch Man series, famed for its severely exaggerated but hilarious concepts, focuses on a superhero called Saitama. He’s a regular dude whose exercise regime made him powerful enough to win fights with a single punch, hence the title. The series has been the centrepiece for countless memes throughout the years, but there was always this one question that stuck: does Saitama’s punishing regime actually yield any benefits?

Based on the original manga, the regime is listed as 100 each of push-ups, sit-ups and squats in addition to a 10-kilometre run every day for a year. Apart from being a daily requirement, the exercises have to be done consecutively with no breaks in between as well.

Well, one individual seems to have taken up the challenge and he’s got results to prove it. Although it’s a little watered-down, Singaporean investor Sean Seah tried it for 30 days. He reported his findings in a video, which has since gone viral.

Wow, that’s really inspiring. Maybe I should give the challenge a shot too. Cue the Rocky theme folks.

Kenneth Ang

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