Invictus Gaming dominates Fnatic 3-0 to win 2018 LoL World Championship

It’s a new day in League of Legends’ competitive history.

Chinese team Invictus Gaming has been crowned the 2018 League of Legends World Champions, taking a flawless victory over European team Fnatic. This makes them the first Chinese team ever to win the World Championships!

For the past five years, the competitive scene has been dominated by Korean teams such as the former crowd favourite SK Telecom (SKT T1), Samsung White (SSW) and Samsung Galaxy (SSG), among others. But in a surprising twist, none of the Korean teams managed to make it through to the semi-final this season.

In the first game, it took Invictus only 26 minutes to net a 1-0 advantage over Fnatic, although their opponents pushed back much harder in the second and third games. Despite their best efforts, Invictus was undeterred and eventually took the crown 3-0, winning the finals (and the immortal adoration of their fans).

Accordingly, Fnatic placed 2nd . Additionally, with the Korean teams out of the picture, American team Cloud 9 and European team G2 Esports took the 3rd and 4th places respectively.

Once again, congratulations to Invictus for carving their name into LoL history, and a huge round of applause for all players. They’ve given us some intense matches this year and we hope 2019’s clashes will be equally, if not more enjoyable.

Check out the full match replay between Invictus and Fnatic here

Kenneth Ang

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