Have a taste of Fallout with the Nuka Dark Rum

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Any fan of the Fallout franchise worth their radioactive salt would be familiar with the wasteland’s most delicious drink. A nice cold bottle of Nuka-Cola. Bethesda Softworks, together with the Silver Screen Bottling Company, is bringing us an alcoholic taste of the wasteland with Nuka Dark Rum. Just in time for Fallout 76.

This is not Bethesda‘s first foray into alcoholic beverages, or Nuka-Cola themed drinks. Back in 2015, with the launch of Fallout 4. Bethesda teamed up with Carlsberg to produce Fallout Beer for the UK. In the US, Fallout fans could get their hands on Nuka Cola Quantum at Target stores with the launch of Fallout 4.

As for the Silver Screen Bottling Company, they specialized in licensing, bottling and distributing alcoholic beverages with various pop culture twists to them. On top of Nuka Dark Rum, the Silver Screen Bottling Company also has the James T. Kirk Bourbon Whiskey.

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The Nuka Dark Rum comes in a 750ml rocketship shaped bottle that looks just like one of the Nuka-Colas that you’d find throughout the ruins of America in the Fallout franchise. It will, however, set you back a whopping $79.99 USD, excluding shipping.

Nuka Dark Rum is now available for pre-order globally and is expected to ship November 14th, the same day Fallout 76 is released. You can make your Nuka Dark Rum pre-orders here.

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