GAX Deal Alert this week: Razer Cynosa Keyboard, Logitech Gaming Headset, Batman franchise sale and more!

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Welcome to our weekly GAX Deal Alert, where we highlight some of the latest gaming promotions for both hardware and software. We took a break last week for the Tokyo Game Show but we are back with your regularly scheduled programme!

All prices mentioned have been rounded up and converted into Singapore Dollars*.

Humble Bundle Store – Aspyr and Capcom Publisher sale

Shoot ’em up with the Borderlands franchise or Beat ’em up with DRAGON BALL FighterZ!

Humble Bundle is back swinging with an Aspyr and Capcom publisher sale. You can pick up some really great games like the Homeworld Remastered collection ($15*), Bioshock Infinite ($10*) and Borderlands 2 ($6*). The best deal, however, has to be DRAGON BALL FighterZ Ultimate edition which gets a whopping 50% off for only $75*!
(Link) – War for the Overworld and Shadow Warriors 2

Get back into overlording with the spiritual successor of Dungeon Keeper.

If you have been trying to scratch that classic Dungeon Keeper itch, this is the best time to get it looked at with War for the Overworld ($30*), a spiritual successor to the classic. If action is more your thing, why not give the action-packed Shadow Warrior 2 ($27) a try.

Steam – WB Games Publisher, Total War and South Park franchise sale

Wield the Stick of Truth or put villains back into Arkham Asylum this weekend.

Ever wanted to conquer Japan or participate in a crusade? You can now with Total War: Shogun 2 ($7) or Medieval II: Total War ($5). Alternatively, you could have a laugh with South Park: The Fractured But Whole ($23).  If you are looking for something more dark and gritty, WB Games has you covered with the Batman franchise as well as Middle Earth: Shadow of War ($22)

Lazada – Logitech G433 Wired Gaming Headset

Hear your enemies sneaking up behind you with this surround sound headset.

Hear the difference in your game with the Logitech G433 wired headset. This headset comes with an inbuilt mic and is compatible with all the various consoles and PC. What’s cool about this headset is that it comes with 7.1 surround sound that helps you identify audio positions but best of all, it’s super affordable at only $119 after discounts.

Shop – Razer Cynosa Chroma Multi-Color Gaming Keyboard

Let’s add some color to your desktop with this gaming keyboard

Up your game with the Razer Cynosa keyboard. This keyboard is a great addition to your gaming set up with its spill-resistant build. It also comes with programmable keys, allowing you to set up macros for more in-game efficiency. All this comes with a $69.90 price tag from the usual $99.90.


Tell us what other promotions you’d like to know about in the comments below! More hardware, less games? Console bundles and retail promotions? Or a little bit of everything? We’re all ears.

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