E3 2018: Meet two more characters in new Death Stranding trailer

One can never really figure out what Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is all about, even after a new trailer aired at Sony PlayStation’s E3 showcase.

Here to make some sense of the video is a recent PS Blog post from the man himself:

“For this trailer, we’re showing quite a bit of gameplay (although the camera angle is altered in some spots). The first half and the last sequence in particular are most representative of the actual gameplay. There are some answers here too, as well as a chance to discover new mysteries.

“Some might have already picked up on this, but Sam is unlike any other hero you may have seen in games before. A typical hero is usually some sort of elite or someone with a military background. Sam is not. He is a working man of sorts — a hands-on professional. Someone with a skillset akin to a blue-collar worker.

“This is something you’ll intuitively understand once you play the game and control Sam. Herein lies our challenge, to create both a new form of gameplay and a hero that has never been done before.”

With all the scenic landscapes and strange luggage, it almost seemed as if Death Stranding was a documentary about couriers in nature reserves, up until the creepy invisible creatures started showing up.

The trailer also introduces two new female characters. Joining the star-studded cast is Lea Seydoux (Spectre, Robin Hood) and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), both of whom seem just as mysterious as the rest of them.

For reference, the “rest” are Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), and Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water).

Death Stranding is currently in development for PlayStation 4.


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