Double Dragon 4 out now for smartphones

double dragon 4

Arc System Works’ Double Dragon 4 is out now for iOS and Android. The beat-em-up’s first mission is playable for free, with the rest of the game locked behind a pay wall (S$4.48 on Android).

Despite the affectionately retro aesthetic and background music, Double Dragon 4 is by no means an old title. The game first released on PC and PlayStation 4 in January this year as “Double Dragon IV“, followed by a Nintendo Switch port in September. It brings back director Yoshihisa Kishimoto, character designer Koji Ogata, composer Kazunaka Yamane, and programmer Kei Oyama, which helps to explain the nostalgia-laden gameplay and sprites.

For some, it may be authentically retro to a fault — brawlers have come a long way since the late ’80s, after all. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something new to play on your daily commutes then give this a whirl. That first mission alone will be enough to help you decide between paying or uninstalling.

There’s no mobile launch trailer so here’s the one from the Switch release:


Ade Putra

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