Deal Alert: Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker, Mutan Year Zero, Monster Hunter and more

Deal Alert

Welcome to our weekly Deal Alert, where we highlight some of the latest gaming promotions for both hardware and software. All prices mentioned have been rounded up and converted into Singapore Dollars*.

Humble Bundle Store – Idea Factory, Nis America and 11 Bit Publisher Sale

Get a taste of Japan with some great Japanese games and great indie games

Japan invades the Humble Bundle Store once again with two Japanese game publishers. Cyberdimensional Neptunia 4: Goddesses returns once again for just $22*. Alternatively, get your hands on Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana ($66*) from NIS America. 11 Bit Studios is also having its publisher sale so grab the amazing This War of Mine – Humble Deluxe Edition ($9*).
(Link) – No Man Sky, Stardew Valley, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Explore, Grow, Survive

GOG brings us a slew of different game offers this week. Despite the furore of its initial release, No Man Sky ($41*) has made a huge comeback so this is the best time to get it. The spiritual successor of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley ($16*) is also on sale but if you are looking for some tactical action. Look no further than Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden ($43*).

Steam – Jump Force, Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2 Sale

Major gain for major games

Steam is holding nothing back this for its weekend sale with these heavy hitters. The Japanese fighting game, Jump Force ($40), featuring a host of popular manga characters from Shonen Jump is now on sale. For those looking for a little bit more of a challenge, Monster Hunter: World ($56) is also available. Resident Evil 2 ($56) also joins the grey for those who wish to relive the classic game in an updated setting.

Shopee – Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker

Get the most our of gaming

Gaming isn’t always just about the graphics or the gameplay. Sometimes, what makes a game truly immersive and enjoyable is the music and sound effects. Experience the most out of games than with the Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker. At only $239 from its usual price of $329, the Logitech G560 is a steal. In addition, getting this set of speakers will also net you a free Starcraft II game.

Shopee – Acer Predator XB281HK 28 4K UHD G-Sync Gaming Monitor

Gaming has never looked as good

Looking for a 4K UHD gaming monitor without breaking the bank? Look no further with the Acer Predator XB281HK. This 28-inch gaming monitor can be yours for just $650. With its usual price of $1,199, you will be saving over $500 for a whopping 46% discount.


Tell us what other promotions you’d like to know about in the comments below! More hardware, less games? Console bundles and retail promotions? Or a little bit of everything? We’re all ears.

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