Deal Alert: HP Omen 880 Desktop, Final Fantasy XV and many more

Deal Alert

Welcome to our weekly Deal Alert, where we highlight some of the latest gaming promotions for both hardware and software. All prices mentioned have been rounded up and converted into Singapore Dollars*.

Humble Bundle Store – 505 Games and Focus Interactive Publisher Sale

Here are some bloody good deals on Humble

The Humble Bundle Store is giving us some bloody good deals this week with some publisher sales. Vampyre ($34*), Battlefleet Gothic: Armada ($13*), and even Bloody Bowl II: Legendary Edition ($25*) are all on sale from Focus Interactive.
(Link) – Lantern Festival Sale

Light up your day with GOG

GOG celebrates the closing of Lunar New Year period with the Lantern Festival sale! Ironically, many of the games on sale are rather dark with Fallout 3: GOTY Edition ($14*), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ($20*), Planescape: Torment ($14*) and F.E.A.R Platinum ($4*).

Steam – Square Enix and BattleTech Weekend Sale

Pilot giant mechs or slice and dice as a spiky-haired protagonist

This week on Steam is all about Square Enix with Final Fantasy XV ($35), Shadow of the Tomb Raider ($40), Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age ($40.45). If you are more interested in something more strategic. BattleTech ($20.40) has you covered as you control a squad of giant robots.

Lazada – HP Omen Desktop 880

Ramp up your gaming hardware

Sometimes we just do not have the time to build our own gaming rig, that’s why we look to pre-built rigs to fill the void for us. The HP Omen 880 is one such beast of a gaming desktop with its Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU and Intel i7-8700k. With an 18% discount from its usual price of $3,999. You are saving $700 and getting this desktop at just $3,299.

Lazada– PRISM+ X340 34″ Curved Ultrawide WQHD  Gaming Monitor

What’s a desktop without a monitor

If you’ve decided to get yourself a brand new desktop, why not go the extra mile and get a brand new gaming monitor as well. The Prsim+ X340 is having a massive 50% discount and is available for just $649 from its usual price of $1,288!


Tell us what other promotions you’d like to know about in the comments below! More hardware, less games? Console bundles and retail promotions? Or a little bit of everything? We’re all ears.

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Note and disclaimer: The deals listed above are based on value and do not represent an endorsement of the products or platforms. Please note that we are not responsible in any way if you are unable to secure the listed offer due to errors on your part or should the offers have expired when you’ve checked them.
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