Deal Alert: Dell Inspiron G7, Hearts of Iron IV and many more

Welcome to our weekly Deal Alert, where we highlight some of the latest gaming promotions for both hardware and software. All prices mentioned have been rounded up and converted into Singapore Dollars*.

Humble Bundle Store – Sega, Rebellion Interactive and Shadowrun

Wage bloody war in meat space and cyber space

The Humble Bundle Store brings us some great deals for great games this week. The Sega Publisher sale is your chance to grab the excellent Aliens: Isolation ($14*) as well as many of the Total War series like Total War: Warhammer II ($41*) and Total War: Shogun II ($10*). If cooperative shooters are your thing, Strange Brigade ($23*) can also be yours.
(Link) – Kim, Unforeseen Incidents, Darklands and more

It’s adventure time!

Have an adventure this week at GOG’s weekend sale. Try your hand at a modern point and click adventure with Unforeseen Incidents ($19*) or go on an actual adventure with Kim ($6*), an open-world RPG set in colonial India. There is also the classic Darklands ($2*) to tickle your nostalgia.

Steam – Tekken 7, Hearts of Iron IV and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Sequels, Spin-offs and Sales

It is an assortment of genres on sale this week on Steam. From action RPGs like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey ($35) to fighting games like Tekken 7 ($25), there is a little something for everyone. Even the well-received strategy game Hearts of Iron IV ($16) is also available.

Lazada – Dell Inspiron G7

Another kind of mobile gaming

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, then you are in luck. Dell’s Inspiron G7 15″ gaming laptop is available $1,880. That’s a 25% discount from its usual price of $2,499. Coming in with an i7-8750H Processor as well as an Nvidia GTX 1060, the Inspiron G7 is worth considering.

Lazada– Razer DeathAdder Essential

Only the essentials

What is a gaming laptop without proper gear? Arm yourself with the Razer DeathAdder Essential for only $44.95. Compared to the original price of $77.72, you will be saving 42% if you get this gaming mouse.


Tell us what other promotions you’d like to know about in the comments below! More hardware, less games? Console bundles and retail promotions? Or a little bit of everything? We’re all ears.

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