Deal Alert: Dell G7, ROG Zephyrus and the British Academy Game Awards

Welcome to our weekly Deal Alert, where we highlight some of the latest gaming promotions for both hardware and software. All prices mentioned have been rounded up and converted into Singapore Dollars*.

Humble Bundle Store – Kalypso and Total War Sale

Bring out your best strategies

Strategy games take the front page this week on the Humble Bundle Store with the Kalypso Publisher and Total War Series weekend sale. Titles like Total War: Warhammer II ($28*), Total War: Shogun II ($10*) and Total War: Attila ($15*) are all available with at least 50% off. On Kalypso’s side, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus ($31*) and Dungeons III ($17*) are also just titles on sale.
(Link) – Hitman, Trine and World of Goo

Be ingenious

GOG brings us some puzzle games and RPG this week. From Hitman: Codename 47 ($2*) to Hitman: Absolution ($7*), experience what it is like to take out your mark in the most ingenious and creative manner. If murder is not your thing, you can always have a go with the amazing indie game World of Goo ($2*) or the experience magic with Trine ($4*).

Steam – Call of Duty Franchise and Monster Hunter: World Weekend Sale and the British Academy Game Awards

Hunt monsters or answer the call of duty

Be part of the craze that is Monster Hunter: World ($56) as you put yourself against gigantic monsters. Alternatively, you can be part of an exhilarating gunfight with the Call of Duty franchise like the Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombie Chronicles Edition ($42.50). If you are looking for something artsier check out the discounted games that have been nominated for the British Academy Game Awards.

Lazada – Dell G7 Series 15 758

Gaming just got easier

There is no better time to get a laptop than right now with the massive discounts now going on on Lazada. The improved Dell G7 Series 15 758 comes with an Intel i9-8950HK core. It is now available for only $2,257 from the usual price of $2,999. That’s a 25% discount saving you over $700.


A desktop replacement

The laptop bonanza continues with the ASUS ROG Zephyrus. This beast of a machine usually retails at $4,898 but is now available for your gaming pleasure at a 23% discount. For just $3,748 this beast can be yours, and you get to save over a $1000 on top of that. If that is not enough, you get an additional $50 discount from Lazada.


Tell us what other promotions you’d like to know about in the comments below! More hardware, less games? Console bundles and retail promotions? Or a little bit of everything? We’re all ears.

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