COD: Black Ops 4’s PC version is facing “Crash” issues

Just bought Black Ops 4 for your PC? Great!

Everything seems hunky-dory until you try to boot up the game. What’s this now? The game keeps crashing?

Perhaps there are too many background apps, so let’s close them and try again.

No dice? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one suffering. Apparently, the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been crashing for a LOT of players, myself included.

Naturally, online forums (and Treyarch’s mailbox) exploded with speculations and obvious annoyance. As of now, the portions where the game seems to crash often include the intro video, while connecting to online services and even in the middle of multiplayer matches.

Fortunately, some users have reported several stop-gap fixes which worked for them, although we’re still waiting for an official hotfix from Treyarch. Here’s a list of the common ones if you’d like to give them a go:

  • Deleting the LPC subfolder from your Black Ops 4 folder, then running the (Scan and fix) from the Settings button in the Black Ops 4 tab.
  • Disabling the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Overlay
  • Update your GPU Drivers. Here’s the latest patch from NVIDIA
  • Manually lowering resolution and NOT using Safe Mode
  • Disabling in-game weapon skins

If any of these worked for you, that’s awesome. Hopefully the developer Treyarch find a solution soon. I need my “IX” Zombies map, and I need it yesterday.

Kenneth Ang

Kenneth is your dedicated jack of all trades gamer and borderline anime nut. When not writing, he likes to wind down with Overwatch, Apex Legends and a bit of Fate: Grand Order on the side.