Astralis obliterates Liquid 3-0 to win IEM Chicago Finals

The Intel Extreme Masters 2018 CS: GO Championships have concluded, with Astralis raking in a flawless 3-0 victory over rival Liquid.

That makes Astralis 2018’s highest flier, having won a total of seven Big Event titles this year alone. An impressive feat, no doubt. Captained by Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, the Danish team walked away yesterday with no less than US$100,000 for their efforts.

Their opponent, the American-owned team Liquid put up a great fight, snatching several clutch wins owing to Keith “NAF” Markovic’s spectacular plays. However, in the end, Astralis proved to be insurmountable with their dauntless composure and determination.

Here are the scores from the finals, courtesy of

With IEM 2018 under their belt, all eyes are on Astralis to see if they will continue to soar this year. On that note, we extend our congratulations once again to the winners and warm encouragement to all tournament participants.

Kenneth Ang

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