A new Valkyria joins the battle in massive Honkai Impact 3 content update

The Valkryies of Honkai Impact 3 are set for a challenging adventure in the new Xuanyuan Extra Chapter event. Now live, players will aid newcomer Murata Himeko as she seeks the legend of the Ji Xuanyuan stigmata and the Xuanyuan sword, taking her and the party deep into the storied Cave of Nine Realms.

Honkai Impact 3 has been gathering steam since its launch in November. The mobile game blends impressive graphics, action-heavy gameplay, and memorable characters to hook in fans of anime and action-RPGs. Developed by miHoYo, the game’s visual design is just as impressive as its voice cast, leaving a strong first impression.

It’s free to play on iOS and Android.

In the new Xuanyuan Chapter, our lead heroine Kiana will journey to the Cave of Nine Realms, a historic battleground where the war between Xuanyuan and Chiyou ended. Unlike past story missions, players will experience two brand-new modes that introduce gameplay concepts such as “infiltration” and “exploration” to the usual combo-based brawling.

Xuanyuan is separated into four areas, containing a mix of exploration and multi-line stages. These new stages are much larger than before, granting you more freedom to explore. The party may even need to solve some puzzles along the way, so keep your wits about you.

With the new environment comes new enemies, and the Valkyries must be ready to take on strange foes such as ‘Sharpclaw Zombies’ or ‘Silent Ghost Zombies’ if they are to continue on their path. Luckily, the Xuanyuan Chapter will help unleash the potential of greatsword-wielder Himeko.

This update unlocks the red-haired Valkyria’s ‘Scarlet Fusion’ and ‘Battle Storm’ battlesuits. The first uses nuclear fusion to deal powerful lightning damage to nearby enemies, paralyzing them into easy targets; the other allows Himeko to store up to three levels of energy for a massive burst, her ultimate turning her into a crimson hurricane that brings death to foes unlucky enough to be in her way.

You may grab Himeko’s battlesuits from the Expansion Supply Crates – the S-Rank ‘Blood Rose’, A-Rank ‘Scarlet Fusion’, and ‘Valkyrie Triumph’ will all have increased drop rates during the event.

The Xuanyuan Extra Chapter event runs until 19 February 2018.

Drop by the official website if you haven’t been there since launch, as the site has been updated with more information and a FAQ.

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